What Are Some Ways to Teach the Ten Commandments to Catholic Children?


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Some ways to teach the Ten Commandments to Catholic children include coloring-in, singing, discussion and games. Some resources for such activities are available from the websites of the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Houston and Ministry-To-Children.

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A typical Sunday School lesson plan for teaching the Ten Commandments to Catholic children might begin with a reading of Exodus 20:1-17, in which Moses receives the inscribed tablets from God. Following this, children could be guided through the creation of their own Ten Commandments pamphlet. In order to contextualize and help explain the Ten Commandments, each might be likened to rules encountered in the home.

Another teaching exercise to help Catholic children understand the Ten Commandments is to have students work in pairs to rewrite the negative-phrased commandments in positive language and vice versa. For instance, instead of "you shall not have strange gods before me," this first commandment could be phrased as "you shall have (or worship) me before strange gods." Likewise, the fourth commandment, "honor your father and mother," could be rephrased as "you shall not dishonor your mother and father."

It is also important when teaching the Ten Commandments to make sure that the more obscure words and phrases, such as "false witness," "strange gods" and "covet," are properly understood.

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