What Are Some Ways to Teach Children About the Beatitudes?


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Some ways to teach children about the Beatitudes are to talk to the children about the meanings of the Beatitudes and the meaning of a blessing and to play games with the children to illustrate the blessings that people receive when they live a godly life. Another way for children to learn about the Beatitudes is to use different types of flowers to illustrate the different Beatitudes.

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One game that children can play to learn the importance of living a godly life involves tossing a ball or balloon back and forth with a partner. The children begin by standing close together. The children toss the ball back and forth and then take a step back.

The children repeat the process. After the game, the teacher talks to the children about how it gets harder to toss the ball back and forth when the children stand farther apart. Similarly, it is hard to receive God's blessings in the Beatitudes when a person lives far away from God and God's teachings.

Similarly, children can use flowers to learn the Beatitudes. The children can use a daisy to represent the meek. A dandelion can represent those who are persecuted because of their Christian faith because dandelions are killed, despite their nutritional and medicinal value. A sunflower can represent peacemakers because a sunflower is made up of many smaller seeds that all sit peacefully side by side.

Talking with children about each Beatitude is another way to teach children their meanings and purpose. The children can talk about what it means to mourn and what it means to be poor in spirit. Children can talk about what it means to suffer persecution. Teachers can lead children through the Beatitudes and their meanings, finally discussing the great rewards that God promises in the Beatitudes.

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