What Are Some Ways to Stop Yourself From Biting Your Cheek and Lips?


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People sometimes find that a substitute, such as gum or lip balm, can help them break the habit of biting their cheeks, according to the Huffington Post. If the biting is accidental, a misalignment in your bite may be the cause. In this case, a dentist is the only solution.

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If the biting is habitual, it may also be the result of stress and anxiety, known as chronic cheek bite keratosis, explains GoodTherapy.org. Boredom is also a common cause of cheek biting. While cheek biting may seem similar to nail biting, it can have more serious effects that can include mouth sores and ulcers. These open lesions can become infected. If the biting is the result of any of these problems, the best remedy is to try to lower the amount of stress you face through exercise and a healthy diet.

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