What Are Ways to Stop World Hunger?

ways-stop-world-hunger Credit: Design Pics / Stuart Corlett/Perspectives/Getty Images

The most important step to stopping world hunger is to help people provide for themselves with sustainable agriculture. If they have their own reliable supplies of food, regions do not need to depend on foreign aid. Another effective way is to give poor people access to small amounts of credit so that they can start businesses to grow their local economies.

While making people self-sufficient is important, it is not enough on its own to eradicate world hunger. It is also necessary to help the poor with food and cash donations while skills and systems are developed. Organizations such as Food for All have managed to raise millions of dollars to fight world hunger by getting supermarket customers to donate a few dollars during checkout.

Access to quality education is a proven way to fight against hunger, especially in underdeveloped countries. Many poor families live in an urban environment. Although they can get more control over food sources with urban farming, this requires the development of new skills. Families facing poverty, therefore, need assistance in transitioning towards self-dependence so that they do not have to rely solely on donations.

Two other factors that can help alleviate hunger are the empowerment of women and the availability of reliable birth control and education in how to use it. Empowering women helps them to gain access to new methods of food production and acquisition, leading their families out of poverty. Birth control education, on the other hand, gives access to contraceptives that make family planning possible.