What Are Some Ways to Stop Cheek Biting?

What Are Some Ways to Stop Cheek Biting?

Some ways to stop cheek biting include chewing on sugar-free gum, becoming more aware of the behavior as and when it occurs and, in the case of a misaligned bite, seeking medical or orthodontic treatment. Since cheek biting often involves chewing other parts of the mouth as well, including the lips, wearing lip balm or gloss has proven useful for some. While doing so may not be sufficient to eliminate the behavior, it can help people become more aware of it.

Cheek biting is one of the causes of stomatitis, a sometimes debilitating inflammation of the mouth, as stated by WebMD. The condition may be characterized by canker sores or aphthous ulcers inside the mouth. More common for cheek biting specifically is a general irritation of the mouth area.

The presence of sores within the mouth increases the risk of infection and, in extreme cases, possibly even oral cancer.

One cause of cheek biting is carelessness or distraction, particularly when eating. Talking during meals is especially associated with accidental cheek biting. Cheek biting may also be more deliberate, as a habit of nervousness.

If the cheek biting is caused by a misalignment of the bite, it may be accompanied by headaches or jaw pain.