What Are Some Ways to Spot a Misogynist?

Two prominent ways to spot a misogynist are to compare the way a man treats females and the way he treats males and to observe whether he sometimes manifests a "Jekyll and Hyde" personality when interacting with women. Bear in mind, however, that misogynists can often be difficult to identify because of their ability to initially impress women with their charm and charisma.

Another factor that can make spotting misogynists a challenge is that most do not posses all the typical traits. Nonetheless, one of the signs that a man hates females, perhaps unconsciously, is that he breaks promises made to women but keeps his word with other men.

A misogynist might break down a woman’s defenses by being flirtatious, exciting or humorous at first, but he suddenly changes from charming to rude and then quickly switches from rude back to irresistible. On dates, some misogynists purposely treat every woman in the exact opposite manner he knows she personally prefers.

Misogynists can be extremely competitive when it comes to women and feel resentful when women surpass their own achievements socially or professionally. They might also have mixed feelings when other men do well but are generally able to look at these situations more objectively.

Often, misogynists unknowingly treat women differently from men, both in business and social settings, allowing males liberties for which they criticize female colleagues or friends. In more extreme cases, they use anything in their power to make women feel miserable, deriving pleasure from the dopamine this releases in their brains.