What Are Ways to Show You Are Standing on the Word of God?


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Some ways to show you are standing on the word of God are by helping people in need, staying away from sin, and having faith in God no matter the circumstances. According to the Bible, Christians who stand firm in the word of God are rewarded with a seat in heaven for eternity.

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In the Christian religion, the Bible stresses that Christians should always take their needs and concerns to God through the form of prayer. Thus, standing firm in the word of God means that you have faith that God will see you through any challenges. Another good way to show you are standing firm in the word of God is by helping the needy and helpless. The Bible urges Christians to be as Christ-like as possible, and in the Bible, Jesus Christ was always showing the all-compassing love of God through his charitable actions.

In the Bible, God gives Christians laws like the Ten Commandments and other scriptures that narrate through stories what Christians should and shouldn't do. The New Testament book of Romans 6:23 is interpreted by Christians to mean that sin is a rebellion from God. Staying away from sin is a way to stand on the word of God because you are listening to his instructions.

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