What Are Some Ways to Put Slits in a Person’s Eyebrow?

Eyebrow slits are vertical or slanted stripes through a person’s eyebrow, and can be created by shaving lines into the hair. An electric hair trimmer provides the cleanest lines for this purpose.

The eyebrow slit look has existed since at least the 1990s, when Vanilla Ice had shaved several vertical lines into his eyebrow. However, it has resurfaced in recent years, mostly among young men. Rapper Soulja Boy has been credited with the return of this grooming trend. One note of caution to consider is that schools have been suspending students who follow this trend, based on allegations that the look is associated with gangs.

If a person wants achieve this look, he or she can create it by shaving the lines into the brow. An electric hair trimmer works well for this purpose. All a person would need to do to achieve the look is figure out where he or she wants the line to be and which direction he or she would like it to slant. Then, turn on the trimmer and press the it gently into place to remove the hair. The process can be repeated to create multiple lines. Because shaved hair grows back within a few days, regular maintenance is necessary.