What Are Some Ways to Promote Equality Between Men and Women?


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Some ways to promote equality between men and women are to refrain from using sexist language, raise money for charities that support gender equality, speak up when witnessing sexist behaviors and encourage children of both sexes to play with the toys they want. People can also promote equality of the sexes by considering the candidates' positions on gender-related topics when voting in elections. Another idea is to support movies with female directors and leads.

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There are many common terms that exclude the female gender despite referring to categories of which men and women are both a part. Many of these terms have gender-neutral alternatives people can use to promote more egalitarian mindsets. An example is "policemen," with "police officers" as a gender-neutral alternative. Instead of referring to someone as a "chairwoman" or "chairman," using the term "chairperson" emphasizes the irrelevance of the individual's gender.

Toy stores often have separate sections for boys' and girls' toys, reinforcing ideas about women's and men's roles in society, explains the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Toys targeted at boys, such as soldiers and toy guns, often send the message that males are aggressive and fighters. Toys targeted at girls, such as play makeup kits and dolls, place more emphasis on domestic skills and physical appearance. Encouraging children to choose whichever toys are most appealing to them is a way to promote equality in younger generations.

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