What Are Some Ways to Pay Tribute to Your Pastor and His Wife for Their Anniversary?

Ways to pay tribute to a pastor and his wife for their anniversary are to write the couple a letter of appreciation, gather funds to send them on a trip or to host a reception in their honor. Additional ways to honor a pastor include giving the couple gifts such as a trip to a restaurant for dinner or even something as simple as money for gas.

To honor a pastor and his wife for their wedding anniversary, a congregation member can write the couple a letter on behalf of the congregation or from the individual, congratulating the couple on their anniversary and years of marriage. The letter can state that the couple is a wonderful example of Christ's love, not only through words but also through behavior that sets a good example of Christian living. The letter is also an opportunity to share the person or the congregation's appreciation for the pastor as well as positive wishes for the couple's future.

In addition, a way to pay tribute to a pastor is to raise money to send the pastor and his wife on a vacation. A vacation as a tribute for a pastor's anniversary can be large or small. For example, a large trip might be a trip to Hawaii from the continental United States. A small trip might be a trip to the local Christian camp for a night or two.

A tribute to a pastor might also include sending the couple to a Christian marital counseling weekend. A less expensive tribute that gives something material to the couple is to send them out to dinner or even give them gift cards for gas to plan a trip. In addition, another honor for a pastor's anniversary is to host a reception in honor of the couple.