What Are Some Ways to Motivate Yourself?

What Are Some Ways to Motivate Yourself?

Key factors in motivation include setting a goal, making a plan, maintaining a positive outlook, recognizing and rewarding any progress, and asking for help if necessary. Sharing the goal with others is helpful. Peers provide accountability and support.

Write down the goal and list the steps necessary to complete the goal. If the goal is particularly difficult or time-consuming, identify smaller goals along the way. For example, if the goal is a 100-pound weight loss, break it down into 10-pound increments. Celebrate each goal with a small reward.

Positivity plays a part in motivation. According to Time.com, those who maintain a positive outlook on their goals, and those who are generally happy, are more successful and better able to avoid procrastination. Recognizing progress helps in staying positive. Another way to feel confident is to dress well. Most people are happier when they believe they look nice.

Sharing a goal with others helps with motivation. Friends can offer help and encouragement when necessary, and they also provide accountability. It is easier to neglect goals when no one else knows about them.

Visualize success. It's easy to lose sight of why the goal was important. Visualizing the successful completion of the goal helps encourage motivation by serving as a reminder of why the goal is important.