What Are Some Ways Low Self-Esteem Impacts Relationships?


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Low self-esteem impacts relationships by precipitating a negativity that makes it difficult for a person to share and accept love and affection from other people. People with low self-esteem find it difficult to form meaningful relationships because they are unable to take charge of their social lives and often possess poor communication skills.

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A person with low self-esteem is often unsure of himself and tends to question whether other people can love him. Low self-esteem forces a person to seek reassurance from the behaviors of people close to him. If the person does not get this reassurance, he may conclude that he is unlovable and harbor depressive feelings or vent anger towards the people from whom he seeks affirmation. By focusing on oneself and being defensive and hypersensitive, a person with low self-esteem often causes chaos in the relationships that he forms.

Low self-esteem may inhibit assertiveness or cause a person to become rude, sarcastic or even violent. People with low self-esteem sabotage their relationships by failing to share their feelings, ask for what they want, or by expressing themselves in passive-aggressive ways. People with low self-esteem often find themselves unsure of what to do in social settings, unable to initiate relationships, and unwilling or unable to recognize their inappropriate behaviors.

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