What Are Some Ways to Learn Good Communication Skills?

Learn good and effective communication skills by being willing to listen to others and being aware of their emotions and intentions. Practice your communication skills by building up your confidence while interacting with others. Improve how you communicate by commanding your nonverbal messages including body language such as slouching or smiling.

A good way to learn some good communication skills is to identify your weaker areas. To get started, identify if you have trouble maintaining eye contact when talking with others. Do you smile a lot or not because of nervousness? Practice good posture by not slouching or keeping your head down as these reveal a lack of confidence. You could also try taking your hands out of your pockets or simply relaxing and pausing before you speak.

Discipline yourself by learning to listen as this demonstrates respect for others. Do not finish other people’s sentences or show too much excitement by cutting them off in the middle. Learn to communicate better by focusing on active listening, which means you engage and respond to the other person based on what that person says.To be more persuasive, avoid using speech fillers. Be assertive by being able to express feelings and desires respectfully and appropriately.

Learn to communicate better by giving timely responses to emails and letters. When sending letters and emails, keep them short and to the point. Use numbered lists and bullet points to make your ideas clear and simple to address.

To improve in these areas try to practice only one skill at a time. You may ask a trusted friend or family member to give you some feedback on your nonverbal communication skills.