What Are Some Ways to Interact With an Angry Person?


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When interacting with an angry person, you should respond calmly, determine the cause of the anger, try to find a solution and communicate your own feelings. If you often deal with angry people, it is helpful to practice techniques for defusing anger. This can also improve the person's communication skills.

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If an angry person makes you feel unsafe, you should immediately remove yourself from the situation or seek another person to help. Although staying calm is difficult, try to take a deep breath and stay relaxed. If the situation becomes too overwhelming, find a polite way to leave until you are calmer. Recognize that the other person's anger may not be directed at you; it is easier to react appropriately if you don't take their actions personally.

Encourage the angry person to express their feelings and don't interrupt. Ask questions to fully understand their feelings. Speaking calmly, try to identify the problem that is causing the anger. Avoid becoming defensive and work towards finding a solution to the problem. If it is appropriate, give an apology. This may begin to calm the person. If interacting with a person who is angry is often necessary, wait until the situation is resolved, then communicate to them how their anger affects those around them.

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