What Are Some Ways to Honor a Pastor's Wife?


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Church members can honor their pastor's wife by extending grace, kindness, and understanding to her and her family, recognizing that the job of the pastor's wife is often difficult and lonely. They can also attempt to ease the burden of her role in various ways.

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A pastor's wife can be honored by daily prayers for her and her family. Welcoming the pastor's wife into the social life of the church without burdening her with expectations honors her as well. Church members honor the pastor's wife by accepting that she isn't perfect and that she struggles and grows like everyone else in the church. They should also recognize that she cannot attend every event or lead in numerous capacities and that she doesn't have to do so in order to be a good pastor's wife. They can also honor a pastor's wife by encouraging and respecting her time with her husband and her family as much as possible. Not making her the subject or recipient of church gossip is another way of honoring her. One final way to respect the pastor's wife is to avoid pressuring her to oppose the pastor when issues arise, allowing her to be protective of her husband.

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