What are some ways to have good dreams?


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Techniques to have good dreams incorporate various smells, sounds, foods and sleep positions. Going to bed hungry and lucid dreaming may also affect whether or not a dreamer has good feelings during REM sleep. Lucid dreaming involves techniques that consciously attempt to control an unconscious dream.

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What are some ways to have good dreams?
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Nice smells such as flowers and food may infiltrate unconscious dreams to give the dreamer a pleasant reminder of waking life. Sounds that are low enough not to waken a sleeper yet are loud enough to be perceived may also become part of a dream. For example, a fire alarm in a dream may turn into an alarm clock trying to awaken the sleeper. When dreamers play soothing sounds in the background, such as ocean waves, sometimes those noises appear as pleasant visualizations during dreams.

Vitamin B6 helps turn amino acids into neurotransmitters active during REM sleep. Supplements of vitamin B6 that don't near toxic limits may help lucid dreamers. Sleeping on the stomach can affect the types of pleasant dreams a sleeper has because that position alters nighttime breathing patterns.

Lucid dreaming involves attempts to control unconscious dreams with conscious thoughts before going to bed. One technique to achieve lucid dreaming involves dream recall from a previous dream. This goal is achieved by reading and focusing on a dream journal entry from a previous dream. Lucidity is in effect when a similar dream occurs the night of reading about the previous experience.

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