What Are Some Ways to Fight Poverty?


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Ways to fight poverty include involving the people impacted by poverty directly, engaging in legislative action, donating, volunteering and participating in a campaign. With an ample amount of motivation and organization, other solutions can include arranging a rally, hosting a benefit concert or athletic event, and drafting an article or petition.

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An important aspect to any sustained effort to thwart poverty is to involve the people impacted by poverty in an authentic, meaningful way. Ask them to identify the issues, and work with them to combat those issues. This helps build confidence and leads to more complex solutions that are not readily known to an outsider. Moreover, the solutions are more sustainable, as the people in poverty become part of the intervention and carry out the resolutions beyond what an outside person or agency is apt to do.

Support efforts to organize and pursue anti-poverty legislation in fields such as adult literacy, affordable housing, early childhood education, prisoner reform and food security. Participate in citizen-driven reforms, such as Change.org and GovTrack.us, and help nonprofits, such as the National Low-Income Housing Coalition.

Uncover specific organizations that fight poverty and donate to them. Offer money, toiletries, toys, clothing and other items to support their efforts. Likewise, donate time and energy. Volunteer to help others create resumes, teach job development courses, coach sports or serve food. Furthermore, help out at local community centers, soup kitchens, schools, employment centers and after-school programs.

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