What Are Some Ways to Feel Lucky?


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According to Inc. Magazine, the luckiest people are opportunists who take advantage of what each day has to offer. The more that a person believes in the power of luck, the luckier he will be in life.

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Lucky people are committed to finding the best opportunities, and they believe that success is always possible. An individual with a positive attitude is more likely to be at the right place at the right time to make a favorable connection or receive a preferable outcome. Also, people can feel luckier by using their strengths and talents to their advantage whenever possible.

Some people choose to carry a precious object to align themselves with stronger feelings of success and positivity. One can purchase a lucky coin, rabbit’s foot or another item to carry around to feel luckier during the day. Lucky people often rise early in the morning and greet every day with a smile. When people are dressed their best and well groomed, they naturally feel more entitled to receive good things in life. Some people feel fortuitous after reading an inspiring horoscope. Another way that an individual can feel lucky is by playing a favorite set of numbers in lottery drawings. Repeating positive affirmations during the day or night is another method to make yourself feel lucky.

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