What Are Some Ways to Control Your Emotions?

To control your emotions, avoid situations that trigger unpleasant emotions, use cognitive reappraisal to change your thoughts, modify the circumstances, and change your response, as stated by Psychology Today. A six-step approach that involves delaying your reaction, seeking divine guidance, finding a healthy outlet, focusing on the bigger picture and replacing your thoughts also helps to control the emotions, reports the Huffington Post. The final step involves forgiving your emotional triggers.

Selecting situations helps to avoid circumstances or people that can cause unpleasant emotions. Prepare better in advance to change conditions that cause bad emotions. Through cognitive reappraisal, replace the unwanted thoughts with desired ones that bring joy. Changing your thoughts modifies how you believe the situation is affecting you. If all the methods fail, change your response to the situation, and take deep breaths to calm down, says Psychology Today.

In the six-step approach, breathe deeply, avoid reacting immediately, and affirm to yourself that the situation is temporary. Seek divine guidance through your faith to help manage your emotions. The next step involves releasing your emotions in a healthy way by talking to a trusted friend or engaging in activities such as exercise. See the bigger picture, and trust that there is an ultimate purpose that you have yet to understand. Finally, replace your thoughts with positive ones, and forgive the people who trigger your unpleasant emotions, says the Huffington Post.