What Are Some Ways to Better Yourself?

What Are Some Ways to Better Yourself?

Some tips for self-improvement include waking up earlier, getting more exercise, taking up a new hobby, evaluating weaknesses, breaking bad habits and setting goals. It is also good practice to take a little "me time" each day, even if this only amounts to only a single minute of quiet meditation.

Waking up early has strong ties to success and mental well being. It doesn't have to be a drastic change; simply setting the alarm clock for ten minutes earlier than usual can help provide the time to structure the day and get into the right mindset.

Getting up earlier may also allow for some mindful meditation, or some vigorous, mood-boosting exercise.

There is no time like the present for breaking bad habits, whether this means giving up smoking or biting nails. Giving up the latter could even be combined with some "me time" by getting a manicure to help fend off the urge.

Taking up a new hobby is easy and, as long as it can be enjoyed, will make a painless transition into daily routine. Ideas include knitting, cooking or sport.

Self-improvement should also extend to bettering relationships. One way to improve social skills is to try and understand others' motivations, particularly when the gut reaction is to get angry. Seeing the reasons for someone else's actions goes a long way toward reducing their impact.