What Are Some Ways to Become More Sociable?


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Some ways to become more outgoing or sociable include using open body language and facial expressions, taking time to talk to new people or existing colleagues and deliberately focusing on positive stories or comments. Often, introversion isn't the only obstacle to sociability. Sometimes, talking too much is counter-productive to socializing effectively, so care should be taken to ask questions during a conversation at least as frequently as making comments about oneself.

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The use of body language is a powerful tool, not only for putting one's conversation partner at ease, but also for putting oneself into a sociable frame of mind. One of the simplest non-verbal expressions is to briefly raise the eyebrows whilst approaching somebody to talk to. When closer to the person, initiating a handshake can further help to put both parties at ease.

Small talk might seem meaningless to some, but it is often essential to establishing common ground or shared interests for deeper communication. Topics to try include movies, music, the weather, or whatever comes to mind, all the while observing for any sign of deeper interest that might lead to more purposeful discussion.

In terms of encouraging others to actually want to engage in conversation, particularly when establishing a new relationship, it is useful to avoid talking about negative events or thoughts. Leaving a good impression and positive association should be the aim, at least in the early stages of getting to know somebody.

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