What Are Some Ways to Become More Creative?


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Some ways to increase creativity include going for walks, listening to music and fostering a positive attitude about the task at hand. Finding or creating an environment conducive of creativity is also important, and this can mean an atmosphere with a fair amount of background noise.

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As long as an environment is not entirely silent nor too loud, creativity-enhancing background noise might range between traffic jams and ocean waves. It is suggested that some people choose to work in public areas like coffee shops for this reason.

Those looking to enhance their creativity should generally avoid working to deadlines. The opposite to a deadline can sometimes be very useful. Giving oneself the freedom to do nothing, or else to transfer one's attention to a different task, can spark sudden insights into the original problem or activity. Focusing for too long or too intently on any one task can lead to a narrowing of the mind.

Feeling free to be experimental and play around with ideas is also important. It helps to avoid judging ideas as they arise and, if working at a creative task as part of a group, to create an environment in which there are no "bad" ideas.

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