What Are Some Ways to Become More Confident?


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Some ways to become more confident include placing more importance on learning than succeeding, setting achievable targets, formulating a ritual to get into a confident mindset and being surrounded by positive and complimentary people. Often, however, the most straightforward way to become more confident is simply to fake it until it becomes habitual.

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Faking it is likely to be more effective with the right kind of support. When a person is expected to do well by others — and particularly by others whom they respect — their response is typically to live up to such expectations with increased self-belief.

Achieving small successes are often effective at boosting confidence. Many Olympic athletes train themselves to become medal winners by narrowing their focus upon daily objectives as opposed to their ultimate goal of winning the gold.

Creating a confidence-boosting ritual might be as simple or as trivial as having a cup of coffee or playing a cell phone game. Engaging in a specific behavior prior to a daunting task has been shown to have a positive effect on confidence. A similarly research-backed tactic is to wear a good luck charm. Regardless of such charms' innate powers, or lack thereof, research has shown that people who wear them feel more confident, and therefore perform better, than those who do not.

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