What Are Some Ways to Avoid Being Socially Awkward?

What Are Some Ways to Avoid Being Socially Awkward?

Some tips for becoming less socially awkward include smiling, making small talk and acknowledging that feelings of social awkwardness in a situation are likely to be an indication that others are feeling the same way. While making small talk, using people's names and complimenting them can help to establish a connection with them.

It is also useful to remember that social situations are not a performance or examination; there is no "correct" way to interact. Instead of dwelling on perceived shortcomings, particularly in relation to others in a social situation, it helps to focus on one's own unique merits and what can be brought to the conversation that perhaps nobody else can.

Looking into a mirror when alone and stating aloud some positive personal attributes can help to imprint them in the mind.

Smiling might sound simplistic, but it actually has a dual function. Not only does it project an impression of being at ease to others, it can also go a long way toward actually manifesting a relaxed attitude internally.

Relaxation is an important factor in reducing social awkwardness. One relaxation technique that can be used whenever and wherever required is to become aware of the present moment by focusing the mind upon sensory perceptions rather than thoughts.