What Is the Way to Winterize a Jet Boat?

Some of the steps to winterize a jet boat include adding fuel treatment, changing the oil and covering the boat. Cold weather preparations will vary slightly depending on where and how the vessel is stored.

Storing jetboats properly during cold weather ensures the vessels are ready to go when the weather turns warm again. Owners can choose whether to store them indoors, onshore or in the water. Preparations may differ slightly depending on the choice made.

Step 1: Add a fuel treatment

Run a fuel stabilizer through the engine system to ensure carburetors and fuel injectors do not become clogged.

Step 2: Protect the engine

Use an aerosol fogging product to coat and protect the inside of the engine until the weather becomes warmer.

Step 3: Drain the engine

Locate and remove the water pump hose from the engine and let the water drain out completely. If any water is left in the engine, owners run a risk of ruining the engine block.

Step 4: Perform an oil change

Even though the vessel will be sitting idle for months, an oil change will help to prevent corrosion and eliminate moisture. This step should also be done when the boat is brought out for the new season of use.

Step 5: Drain the lubricant

Drain and inspect the lubricant from the gear case. Clear lubricant is good; anything other than that may indicate the seals need to be replaced.