What Is the Way to Tell If a Transmission Is Going Bad?

Some of the signs that a transmission is bad include slipping in and out of gear, problems accelerating, odors in the transmission fluid and transmission fluid leaks. Once a transmission starts going bad, these signs typically give a car owner time to have repairs done before the transmission goes out completely, so it’s important not to ignore them.

A slipping transmission in a vehicle is difficult not to notice. The car may be hard to put into reverse or the vehicle may show a slight hesitation when changing gears going down the road. Other transmission slippage symptoms include grinding gears, high revolutions per minute and a delay in acceleration.

A transmission lag may occur when the transmission is going out. This occurs when the vehicle lurches forward when the driver presses the gas after coming to a complete stop. This can be extremely dangerous when this occurs while making a turn or pulling out into traffic. If the transmission fails at this point, the faulty car could be hit by oncoming traffic.

Burnt transmission fluid can be notice most when the vehicle is leaking transmission fluid. Healthy transmission will be a translucent pink to red color, while burnt fluid will be dark or even brown.