What Is the Best Way to Study the King James Bible?


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The best way to study the King James Bible is by applying the three-step method: observation, interpretation and application. Other Bible study methods include thematic or chronological approaches.

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The first step of the process is observation. Carefully note the meanings of words in context to get a full and correct understanding of the meaning. Note how the text is structured into paragraphs and chapters. The number of paragraphs and chapters devoted to a topic, as well as how often the same idea is repeated in other parts of the Bible, indicate the topic's significance and help to decide how much study time it deserves.

To accurately interpret a passage, study the author's culture and historic context to understand expressions and personality traits. Remember to read every verse in context. Most questions about a verse or situation are easily answered by reading the whole chapter or at least the verses before and after it. For a deeper study, use cross references that provide a list of related verses or truths. Bible commentaries are detailed guides to Bible books, and they are good tools for a deeper study of a passage.

The step of application is putting what is learned into practice in everyday life. This requires prayer and great diligence. It also requires the willingness to allow what is learned to change a person's response and attitude to everyone and everything.

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