What Is the Way to Stop Tooth Pain?

Treatment for toothache depends on the cause; a toothache caused by a cavity may require filling or extraction of the affected tooth, and a toothache caused by infection is generally treated with antibiotics. According to WebMD, a root canal may be needed if the toothache is caused by an infection on the nerve of the tooth.

Treatment for toothache depends on the cause of the toothache, and the treatment plan devised by a dentist is based on the cause and other factors. A dental exam and X-rays are usually undertaken to make a diagnosis and determine what is causing dental pain. The dentist may examine the mouth, gums, teeth, jaws, throat, tongue, ears, sinuses, neck and nose. The location of the pain and its severity as well as information about what makes the pain worse and what makes it better will be ascertained during the dental consultation.

If a dental appointment can’t be obtained right away, some people find relief for dental pain with topical pain relievers that contain benzocaine. Other home remedies include swishing saltwater in the mouth, soaking a cotton ball in clove oil and positioning it on the affected tooth and chewing garlic or onions. Holding a wedge of lime or lemon against the tooth is sometimes also purported to provide relief.