What Is the Way to Solve Poverty?

The issue of poverty can be solved through education, economic security, water and sanitation, health care and job creation. There are many people earning less that $2 per day. Non-governmental organizations, governments and other organizations have played an important role in identifying major causes of poverty and striving to provide solutions.

Education helps people to visualize their way out of the vicious cycle of poverty. It provides the empowerment a person requires to make informed decisions in a reliable manner. Through education, people are trained to get practical skills important for tomorrow.

Providing health care to people is an effective way of creating a healthy society. This entails ensuring the availability of vital health facilities and drugs for common diseases. The public should also be trained and educated on different health issues.

Creating job opportunities through establishing new companies and other income generating activities allows people to be independent. The government can invest in expanding companies within the country, which will, in turn, demand a new workforce.

Without safe water, people cannot survive. There are many people who live in areas where access to safe and clean water is difficult. The government can invest in digging boreholes and expanding the supply of piped water.