What Is the Way to Scan a Photo Onto a Computer?

Photographs may be scanned into a computer with the use of a scanner, which is an input device. The scanner, usually a flatbed device, converts the image into a digital file that can then be uploaded onto a computer, as well as edited and otherwise manipulated.

A scanner is an external device that links to a computer system. It requires software in order to manipulate the scanner settings and operate the device. Photo Gallery for Windows and iPhoto for Mac are both free programs which will allow a user to operate a scanner.

Step 1: Set up the scanner

Once the scanner has been set up, place the photograph to be scanned on the scanner bed or document feeder. Multiple photographs may be scanned at once by placing them all on the scanner bed about a quarter of an inch apart.

Step 2: Adjust the image and choose file type.

Make any adjustments desired to the image before it is scanned. Scanning software will allow elements to be changed, such as the resolution and color balance. Other options may be available, such as cropping the image. The file format the images will be saved as can also be selected.

Step 3: Scan the image

Operate the scanner and verify the results. Other options may be available, such as tagging or labeling the image. The file can then be saved onto a computer disk.