What Is the Best Way to Get Rid of Copperhead Snakes?

Eliminating food sources is one way to reduce the presence of copperhead snakes. Copperhead snake control can take many months to complete and requires consistent effort until populations are reduced. Fencing can be installed to help reduce the snake’s access to the property.

  1. Move debris from the property

    Piles of wood, such as limbs from tree trimmings and stacks of firewood, should be removed or relocated. Stack firewood neatly in an area away from the home, and stack lumber vertically whenever possible.

  2. Remove any food sources

    Rats, mice and frogs are food sources for copperhead snakes. Use rat or mouse poison in areas where pets and children cannot reach, or use traps to eliminate the pests. If a pond or other water source is located on the property, install fine mesh fencing around the area. The fencing should be at least 18 inches high and buried at least 3 inches to effectively prevent snakes from entering the property.

  3. Perform regular maintenance

    Regular lawn maintenance helps eliminate potential food sources for copperhead snakes. Mow the lawn frequently to locate burrows and to eliminate tall grass and other areas where pests may live. If the burrow is empty, fill it with dirt. Animals living in the burrow should be removed before closing the burrow permanently.