What Is the Way to Move the Taskbar Back to the Bottom of the Screen?

If the Windows taskbar has moved from the bottom of the screen to the top or the sides, on an area of the taskbar where there are no icons, the user must click and drag it, by holding down the left mouse button, to the bottom of the screen. Sometimes, the taskbar needs to be unlocked in order to move it. In order to unlock the taskbar, right click part of the taskbar where there are no icons and uncheck the “Lock the taskbar” option.

Once the taskbar is where the user wishes to keep it, it is possible to lock it in place so that it cannot be moved again easily. To do this, again right click on the taskbar and ensure that “Lock the taskbar” has been checked. With the taskbar locked, it cannot be resized, so for those that need to resize the taskbar on occasion, this option may be best left unchecked.

For those people who use the same applications repeatedly, it is possible to “pin” an application to the taskbar in Windows 7 and 8. This allows the user to launch a program without having to go through the Start menu. For those who wish to pin their favorite applications, all they need to do is open the application they want, right click the icon on the taskbar and click “pin this program to the taskbar.”