What Is the Best Way to Keep Snakes Away?

Keeping a yard free of clutter, mowing the lawn and keeping the hedges tidy and trimmed are all good ways to keep snakes away from a property. Checking structures for holes and removing tempting prey may also help to keep snakes off of a property.

Snakes are very comfortable in rock piles, wood stacks and other piles of debris near a home. To keep snakes away, it is best to remove these. If they are necessary, the piles must remain as neat as possible. Snakes also like to hide in tall grass, so mowing is an excellent way to deter snakes from a property.

Snakes follow prey, so it is important to consider where prey may go. Snake food, such as frogs and field mice, love leaf piles and dense brush. By cleaning up these areas and trimming hedges and bushes, it is easy to deter prey and eventually snakes. Snakes may also find their way into sheds or garages, so get rid of them by sealing up holes in these structures.

Chicken eggs are a favorite food of snakes, and if there are chickens kept on a property, snakes may return again and again. Remedy this by collecting the eggs quickly after they appear, and do this regularly.