What Is the Way to Create the X Bar Symbol in Microsoft Word?

To create the X bar symbol in Microsoft Word, the letter x should be used in combination with the special bar character. The special bar character is found in the section of symbols which is accessed through the insert tab in the editing feature on Word.

The X bar symbol is most commonly used in mathematic equations and can be used to represent the mean, or average, of a set of numbers in arithmetic and statistical equations. The symbol is easier to insert in an equation instead of typing out “the average of.” Users who consistently write mathematic problems that involve the use of the mean in Word can benefit from creating a shortcut for the x bar symbol. Users can create a field that changes one of the character inputs on the keyboard to put the x bar symbol when a certain key is struck. This makes putting the x bar symbol into the Word document easier and less time consuming. Writers can use either the direct composition feature that is found in Word or they can use the field dialog feature. Both features allow the addition of the x bar symbol, but the dialog feature is easier to understand. The field dialog allows more customization over the insertion of the character.