What Is the Best Way to Clean Plastic Eyeglass Lenses?

Alicia Llop/Moment Open/Getty Images

Heidi Mitchell explains in the Health & Wellness section of The Wall Street Journal that the best way to clean plastic eyeglass lenses is to run them under warm water and create a lather on the lens by putting a small drop of dishwashing detergent on the tip of the fingers. After lathering the lens carefully, they must be rinsed with warm water and then dried with a clean, soft cotton cloth.

Optometrists recommend that owners do a thorough cleaning using soap every day, says Mitchell. Natural oils from the eyelashes, face and hands cause plenty of residue buildup, thus reducing the effectiveness of the lenses. Things like perfume and hair spray also add to the residue. Washing eyeglasses each morning is the best practice. Eyeglasses users must pay special attention to the earpieces and frames, where makeup and hair product residues are often found. Saliva must never be used to clean lenses, as it is not a hygienic method. Soap, warm water and dry, clean cloth are suggested materials for keeping glasses optimally clean and functional. Unlike glass lenses, plastic lenses are soft and easy to scratch. Optometrists warn that cleaning glasses when dry only worsens the problem. People should avoid breathing on glasses and using paper towels or napkins to clean the lenses because they are composed of rough fibers that could leave debris on the lenses.