What Is a “wasp Bomb”?

Wasp bombs are pest control products used to kill wasps that have invaded an enclosed area, such as an attic, loft, garage or greenhouse. Like other forms of bug bombs, they are intended to be set and then left for several hours so that the toxins can reduce the wasp population effectively. Clear out the fumigation smoke afterwards with decent ventilation methods.

According to bee and wasp removal experts in Toronto, a wasp bomb is not as effective as it first appears. Wasps and bees do clear out of the invaded space very quickly when the poison is used there, but that does not mean that they are all dead. Wasps are small enough to find places to hide from the poison, and they may attempt to escape where they first entered the space only to return later.

Using a wasp bomb is only a temporary solution for the problem. It is best to leave removing wasps to professionals, as they have the training to deal with infestations. with one of these professionals can be informative about how to use a wasp bomb, when it is most effective and when it should be left up to them to clear out the invading insects.