How Do You Wash Football Gloves?

Wash football gloves by mixing hand-wash laundry soap in a sink of warm water, saturating the gloves in the mixture, then gently rubbing the soiled spots. Treat the gloves inside and out, rinsing well with cold water before laying them out to air dry.

  1. Prepare the washing solution

    Wash the football gloves by first filling a sink with warm water. Make sure the water is not too hot, as it can cause the gloves to shrink. Pour about a tablespoon of hand-wash laundry detergent into the warm water and stir.

  2. Wash the gloves

    Put the gloves in the cleaning solution, and make sure they are thoroughly wet. Locate the soiled areas, and gently rub them together to remove the dirt. Next, turn the gloves inside out, and swish them in the water to remove dirt and sweat. Drain the sink, and rinse the gloves using cold water. If the gloves have a foul odor, treat them in a bowl of fresh water mixed with fizzing denture-cleaning tablets.

  3. Dry the gloves

    Squeeze the gloves gently to remove water, but do not wring or twist them. Lay the gloves on a towel, and allow them to dry completely before using. Do not put the gloves in a dryer.