How Do Walmart Associates Access Walmart Wire?

Except for the manager, Walmart associates can only access the Walmart Wire while they are on the clock. The system is completely internal, and any access to it outside of work is considered working off the clock.

Personnel computers have access to the Walmart Wire. Some of the computers located in employee areas may also have access to it. Wire access is necessary for requesting time off, so associates must be clocked in to submit any requests. Making time clock adjustments also requires being on the Walmart Wire. Personnel associates are able to help with time adjustments as well.

Checking your schedule, viewing your pay stub and looking up benefits information can be done from home. You must register at the WalmartOne website, which requires you to know your Walmart Identification Number. Your WIN is located on your pay stub or on the Wire.

Once you are registered, the website grants access to several options. Pay stub information is located under the Money tab, while schedules are located under the Work tab. Benefits information may be viewed but not changed. In addition, there are options to join forums with other Walmart employees. Walmart news can be found on the site as well.