Is Voodoo Real?


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Voodoo is real in the sense that it is a religion that originated in Haiti, and is still practiced by people all over the world. It is thought to be a derivative of the cult religions of Africa.

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Voodoo is a polytheistic religion that encompasses beliefs of many different entities, each of which governs a different aspect of daily life, similar to the pantheons of ancient Greece and Rome. The chief god of Voodoo is Bondye. Unlike many other pantheons, however, Bondye does not interact with the human realm. The other entities of Bondye, however, do interact on Earth, and to be possessed by one of these spirits is a spiritual goal of practitioners who believe a deep connection with those who live in the spirit realm is a demonstration of faith.

Like Christians, practitioners of Voodoo also believe in a soul. Unlike Christianity, however, which believes the soul only leaves the body upon death, practitioners of Voodoo believe the soul can exit the body when one is sleeping or when one is being possessed by one of the Voodoo entities.

The practice of Voodoo involves many different rituals and medical practices. It is these aspects of the Voodoo religion that have contributed to much of the Voodoo lore that is prevalent throughout the United States.

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