What Are Some Vitenamese Wedding Traditions?

What Are Some Vitenamese Wedding Traditions?

Vietnamese wedding traditions include going to see a fortune teller to determine the wedding's date, the groom's family asking permission for their son to marry the bride and holding the post-wedding party at the groom's house. Modern weddings may also feature the bride changing her dress following the ceremony.

Le an hoi is a betrothal ceremony that sometimes involves the bride and groom visiting a fortune teller to find out which day they should get married. A few days before the wedding, the bride and groom's friends and family visit the bride with nuts, cakes, wines and other delicacies.

On the day of the wedding, a procession representing the groom approaches the bride's house to collect her. This includes someone representing the groom, the groom's father, the groom himself and others in his party, reaching a total of up to 20 people. This is usually followed by the bride being formally presented to the groom's family, and a traditional tea ceremony.

Following the wedding, the bride may return to the groom's house and go to his ancestors' altar. After this, there is another ceremony that introduces her to the remainder of the groom's relatives, and then the couple see the marriage bed for the first time.

In many cases, a reception takes place. While it was once traditional to hold this at the groom's house, a lot of couples now hold it at their own house, a restaurant or a hotel.