Is Vince Dementri Divorced?

Vince DeMentri is divorced from his ex-wife, Pat James DeMentri. The couple has a daughter, Nicole, from the marriage. Vince DeMentri is a broadcast journalist. As of August 2015, Pat James DeMentri works as a host at QVC.

A graduate with a B.A. in broadcast journalism from Temple University, Vince DeMentri has worked at several networks, including WPVI-TV, WCAU-TV, WCBS-TV and WCAU-TV. As of August 2015, DeMentri has been fired three times in seven years. His affair with a married co-worker got him fired from NBC-10 in 2008. This is also rumored as the reason behind the divorce from Pat James DeMentri. A fight with a UN ambassador’s driver got him terminated from WPIX in 2010. In 2015, he was dismissed from WICS-TV over a brawl with another reporter.