What Is the Video "The Grifter" About?

video-grifter Credit: YinYang/E+/Getty Images

The online video, "The Grifter," is an urban legend, a video of unknown origins that reportedly features disjointed footage of horrific scenes including satanic worship, torture, human sacrifice and disgusting images. It is reported that anyone who watches the video may experience nausea, trauma and even depression severe enough to commit suicide.

The urban legend, spawned from a video posted on an online forum, is a source of some annoyance for many forum visitors. When it is posted, there are generally a large number of replies either denying or backing up its existence as a real paranormal phenomenon. However, the video has been proven to be a fake. In 2009, the creator stepped forward to identify himself and explain how the video was made.

The video clips in "The Grifter" come from a 2000 Czech film titled "Little Otik," which is a comedy about a childless couple who pretend that a root from their backyard is their baby.

The video has disjointed and sometimes disturbing images to pique viewer curiosity and generate user "shares" on various online platforms, which places it into the population's psyche as an urban legend. Despite the original creator's admission that the video is a fake, there are some who still believe that it is indeed a real phenomenon.