What Version of the Bible Does the Luther Church-Missouri Synod Use?


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As of 2015, the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod, or LCMS, uses the English Standard Version, or ESV, as stated by Metro Lutheran. Prior to the adoption of the ESV in the early 1990s, LCMS used the New International Version, or the NIV.

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LCMS is a confessional congregation based in St. Louis, Mo. Its core beliefs are built on the work of the German theologian Martin Luther. Throughout its long history, LCMS has used different versions of the Holy Scripture, including the Weimar Bible and Altenburg Bible.

The publisher of LCMS devotional materials is Concordia Publishing House, which used the NIV in 1986 for its Concordia Self-Study Bible. The initial transition from the NIV to the ESV started when the congregation's Commission on Theology and Church Relations suggested the ESV for a new hymnal.

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