What Is the Verizon Jetpack Used For?

Verizon Jetpacks are mobile hotspots used to connect Wi-Fi-enabled devices to Verizon’s mobile data network. Jetpack devices in the form of USB sticks are available for laptop and desktop computers.

Jetpack mobile hotspots are a capable of connecting any Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phone, tablet, iPod, wireless webcam or computer to the Internet using Verizon’s 4G LTE mobile data network.

The Jetpack acts like a traditional wireless router by providing wireless Internet connection to multiple devices capable of a Wi-Fi connection, such as tablets, smart phones and gaming devices, but unlike a traditional wireless router, it connects to the Verizon wireless network (it is also compatible with international networks). This allows consumers to have an Internet connection in situations where it is not normally available, such as in a car or vacation home. The Jetpack can operate on its supplied battery, or be powered and charged via USB or wall outlet.

Jetpack mobile hotspots offered at Verizon’s official website are available at discounted prices between $0.99 and $49.99 with a two-year contract as of April 2015. Some models of mobile hotspots and modems are rechargeable standalone devices such as the MiFi 6620, MiFi 6620L and MiFi 5510L. Some models, such as the UML295 and 551L, are USB dongles that require a powered device with an available USB port to operate. These devices are designed for use with laptops and desktop computers.

Jetpack mobile hotspots purchased with a two-year service contract include an upgrade after two years of service. Jetpack devices may be purchased without a contract at retail prices between $50 and $200.

An alternative to using a mobile hotspot is to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot finder app. These apps search for and display nearby Wi-Fi network that don’t require a password. Free public Wi-Fi hotspots are commonly available at McDonald’s, Starbucks, Applebee’s and Burger King locations nationwide.