What Are the Various Types of Intelligence?

What Are the Various Types of Intelligence?

The various types of intelligence include verbal or linguistic intelligence, mathematical intelligence, visual or spatial intelligence and body or kinesthetic intelligence. The additional intelligences are musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence and naturalist intelligence.

Verbal intelligence encompasses reading, writing and speaking, while mathematical intelligence includes number and computer skills. Verbal intelligence may be demonstrated through a person's native language as well as through learning and utilizing foreign languages. In addition to knowledge of numbers, mathematical intelligence involves the ability to recognize patterns and to solve various problems through logic.

Visual intelligence speaks to the perception of the environment and the orientation of the body in space, while bodily intelligence involves a person's ability to move the body within that space. Bodily intelligence incorporates physical coordination and the use of fine and gross motor skills.

Musical intelligence expresses itself through a person's understanding of music and rhythmic movements. It can be practiced through the actions of musical composition, playing or conducting. Interpersonal intelligence involves how a person communicates and understands other people, while intrapersonal involves an understanding of a person's own inner world and emotions.

Finally, naturalist intelligence speaks to a person's ability to notice and understand plants, animals and the natural world. Someone with this capacity may demonstrate this intelligence by collecting natural objects and classifying them.