What Are the Various Reiki Symbols, and How Are They Used?


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The Power symbol, the Mental symbol and the Distance symbol are the three traditional symbols given during the second degree of Reiki initiation. Reiki advocates use these symbols and their variations for protection, emotional balance and healing.

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When drawn or visualized, the Power symbol increases the power of Reiki and the other symbols. The Power symbol, or Choku Rei, brings energy during the beginning or at the end of a Reiki session. It drives away negative energy from a room and maintains positive energies within the body. When drawn on a particular spot on the body, the Power symbol acts as a light switch.

The Mental symbol, or Sei He Ki, harmonizes the subconscious mind with the physical body. Visualizing the Mental symbol aids in removing addictions, cleansing the mind, healing past traumas and bringing a balance between the right and left brain segments. Drawing the symbol helps people to lose weight, to find misplaced objects or to improve memory during study.

The Distance symbol sends energies to distant places or over the past, the present and the future. Also known as Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, the Distance symbol gives access to the life records of each soul to bring healing. Users send the Distance symbol to people who are physically far away to relieve trauma. Reiki energies from the Distance symbol also act as support for future activities.

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