How Do You Find the Value of a Used Wurlitzer Piano?

One way to determine the value of a used Wurlitzer piano is to have a local piano technician examine the condition of the piano. The value of a used Wurlitzer piano varies greatly depending on its condition.

There’s no list of used Wurlitzer values to refer to; each piano has a unique value determined by its age, whether it still plays properly and whether there is any cosmetic damage to the piano. Some problems are repairable, such as keys that don’t play; getting such problems fixed before attempting to sell the piano improves the value of the instrument slightly.

Other problems, such as broken plastic parts in some older Wurlitzers, cannot be fixed, and bring the value of the unit down. A professional piano technician can accurately assess the condition of the Wurlitzer and provide a value based on local demand for the instrument.

If well-maintained and cared for, many Wurlitzer pianos hold their value very well. The brand, which has been producing pianos since around 1880, remains a popular one today. Wurlitzer pianos have not been manufactured since 2008, but used Wurlitzers are on sale in some music shops and online auction sites; they’re also occasionally for sale in classified ads.