What Is the Value of a Story and Clark Piano?

Bill Smith/CC-BY 2.0

The value of a Story & Clark piano ranges from $4,200 to $17,400, as of 2014. The specific price depends on the type, size and finish of the piano.

The most affordable Story & Clark piano is a 110, which is a vertical piano model that is 45 inches long. It has a polished ebony finish. The next largest in size and price is the 118 model. This is another vertical piano that is 1 inch larger than the 110 at 46 inches. It has a satin and polished ebony finish. The largest vertical piano is the model 121 at 47 inches. It has a polished ebony finish and is worth the most.

The other category of Story & Clark pianos is the grand piano. There are nine models in this category, ranging in value and finishes. The most affordable in this category is model 146 at 57 inches in a polished ebony finish. It is slightly more valuable than the largest vertical piano. Model 151 is 59 inches long and comes in satin ebony or polished ebony finishes. The next six models range from 61 inches to 74 inches long and all come in polished ebony finishes. Each subsequently larger piano generally has a higher monetary value. The largest and most valuable piano is the 84-inch model 215 in a polished ebony finish.