What Is the Value of a Prayer Meeting?


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A prayer meeting encourages discipline in prayer, develops spiritual growth, builds bonds between participants and creates a support system. Prayer meeting participants often feel encouraged and better able to handle obstacles.

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A prayer meeting is simply a gathering of people who come together to pray as a group. While the meeting might be held in a church or religious institution, it can also take place in a home or other meeting place. The purpose is to gather individuals and unite them through prayer.

The value of a prayer meeting lies in the connections made with the participants. Individually, participants may feel alone or unsure how to pray. The group approach serves as a model for prayer and provides emotional and spiritual support for those going through difficult times. Prayer meetings may also focus on supporting the victims of a national or world disaster through prayer.

Prayer meetings may inspire participants to pray regularly on their own or to attend future prayer meetings regularly. Participants often find an increased strength in religion through participation in the meeting. The meeting might also inspire participants to take action on the topic of the meeting. If the purpose is to pray about a local disaster, the participants might feel called to repair damage or serve those affected by the disaster.

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