What Is the Value of Old Kodak Cameras?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 25, 2020 7:56:06 PM ET

The value of old Kodak cameras in mint condition ranges from $5 to $13,500 depending on two factors: how good the camera was in its day and how rare the camera is today. Current estimates of old Kodak cameras can be found at CollectiBlend.com.


An old Kodak camera is valuable if it was both very good in its day and is now very rare. For example, a Kodak Eastman original Kodak Camera was made circa 1888 and was the first non-professional “point and shoot” camera. Because it was the first of its time, it was the best camera in its day and is now extremely rare.

In average condition, an original Kodak Camera can be worth $5,400 to $5,600. In very good condition, it can be worth $7000 to $7500. In mint condition, it can be worth $13,000 to $13,500.